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This Pendant has created lots of controversy!                                                                                                                                                                                        Sold to me as Georgian by a very reputable overseas contact -  this was confirmed by 2 highly regarded Australian Antique Dealers.

However on sighting the Pendant for purchase for possible clients 2 other valuers - not actually as highly regarded for the period I must say, claimed they felt the Pendant was more of the later Art Deco Period. 

SO! My view then is that I am perfectly satisfied the Item is definitely old - how old I know not, but I will leave this one to someone who is going to love it for its fabulous design, its utterly different look, regardless of whether it is Georgian or early 20th century.

It is a wonderfully Bold & Dramatic piece that I have no doubt will attract a great deal of attention, fashioned as it is in high carat yellow Gold with truly  amazing Filigree & Scroll Work & featuring old white Stones -Topaz and/or Spinel.                                                                                                                      Would probably price in a different arena between $5000- $6000.

A truly unique Jewellery - and Conversation - Piece.